Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT-CT) Scan Hong Kong

spect-ct scan

Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT-CT)

The most unique feature of nuclear medicine in Hong Kong and beyond lies in its ability to make functional diagnoses. Commonly used radiographs and computerized scans can reveal structural changes in the organs. The sensitivity of nuclear medicine is very high, through which the lesion can be detected earlier than the organs undergo structural changes. Therefore, SPECT-CT scans enable patients to start treatment as soon as possible, costing them no extra time.

Our HK Centre’s single-photon scanners (SPECT) are equipped with a CT function. The location of lesions can be accurately positioned to effectively assist doctors in making an early diagnosis and providing appropriate treatment.

Clinical Application of SPECT-CT Scanning in Hong Kong

The common uses of SPECT-CT include myocardial perfusion scan, whole body scan and renal function scan.

spect-ct scan HK

Kidney scan

To assess the function of the kidney after renal or urinary tract obstruction and detect any abnormal signs of the shape, size and location.

  • No barium meal or injection of contrast two days before the examination.
  • Please drink two glasses of water (about 500 ml) within an hour before scanning.
  • This scan takes about an hour.
spect-ct scan heart

Myocardial perfusion scan

Mainly used to detect abnormalities of blood flow due to heart disease (especially coronary heart disease).

  • Please stop taking the specified cardiac drugs (indicated by the attending physician) two days before the scan.
    * If any discomfort persists after discontinuation, please resume medication and inform us.
    * Please bring along the medication to our staff.
  • Stop taking caffeinated drugs (such as “sore throat”, “potent palliative pain”, Dolexene Co, etc.) and caffeinated drinks and foods (such as tea, coffee, coke, chocolate, etc.) one day before the scan.
  • Drink water on the scan day, but no breakfast, tea and smoking.
  • This examination is divided into two parts (scan after rest, post-exercise scan), in about three to five hours of hours.
  • For exercise, wear sports clothes and sneakers.
spect-ct scan image

Bone Scan

Diagnoses of cancer metastasis to bone, arthritis, fractures and so on.

  • Do not accept barium meal X-ray three days before the scan.
  • Please bring a liter of drink (water or fruit juice, etc.), drink after injection. If you need liquid quality restrictions, please let us know.
  • This scan takes about three hours.

In addition to the above, nuclear medicine can also be used in neurology, endocrinology, hepatobiliary gastroenterology and inflammation through the SPECT-CT scan available in our Hong Kong clinic, which can effectively detect physiological organ lesions earlier

For more detail, please ask our staff when calling for appointment.
Note: You may not be able to perform this test if you are pregnant.